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About Luang Pu Thuad หลวงปู่ทวด

iBodhi Famous Monk 1 Luang Pu Thuad หลวงปู่ทวด

Luang Pu Thuad was born in 1582 (BE 2125) ordained as a novice at the age 15 and as a monk at the required as age at Nakorn Si Thammarat province. He decided his pilgrimage travel to Ayutthaya province to gain more experience and study the Buddhist scriptures.
According to legend, when Luang Phor Thuad was a baby hanged in the cradle between two shady trees near the paddy field, he was nearly attacked by a large snake curled around him. After a while, the snake spit out a crystal ball of manifold colours on the baby’s chest and slithered away, everyone's surprise he was remained unharmed.
Another miracle is that Luang Pu Thuad changed the seawater into drinking water somewhere in the ocean on the way to Ayutthaya province.
In his old age he returned to south to resided at Wat Pha ko, Songkhla.
He passed away in 1628 (BE 2225). His disciples held his cremation at Wat Chang Hai, Pattani province.

Location: Wat Chang Hai, Pattani province